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Day with the Ducklings is one of our most popular theme sessions and probably the most fun for the children!

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April 21-23, 2017

Address: 67298 Morristown Flushing Rd, Belmont Ohio 43718

Perfect for Boys and Girls Ages 3 to 8

Over 30 years ago Cindy Baxter opened her studio. Her main goal was to create beautiful photographic works of art that included her clients’ children. Since then she has been creating stunning art pieces that adorn the walls of literally thousands of homes in the Ohio Valley and beyond.  Join us in March for ‘A Day with Ducklings’ and make your child the art in your home.

Easter portrait art easter portrait art siblings easter portrait art young boy

Live cuddly ducklings, real water and your children…this is an experience of a lifetime.
Your children will love playing with the live ducklings as they splash about in the water below their feet!

Scheduling Your Session

To schedule your session please call us at 740-782-1719 (10am to 5pm M-F).

Texting and Facebook messaging are not the ideal way to reach us! A $100 scheduling retainer is required the day you book your session. We accept Masercard, Visa, Am/Ex and Discover. The retainer will be applied to your account as a credit and 100% of the retainer is applied to your account. Create your own package from $299. For more information on our pricing, click here.

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Viewing and Ordering

When we schedule your photo session we will also schedule a return appointment for your to review and select your portraits. We recommend that you have ALL decision-makers with you at the viewing and ordering session. You will receive your order discount bonuses only when you order the same day as your viewing appointment.

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What to Wear

View the slide show below for clothing ideas.

You may use one of the studio’s myriad of gorgeous high-end outfits, or wear your own. The set can be dressed up or done as a casual setting. If you plan to wear our clothing, please call about sizes. Please keep clothing simple with solid colors. Bold colors and large patterns distract the eye and the most important part of your portrait…Your Children!


See Your Portraits On Your Own Wall!

Our clients are so amazed and thankful for the ability to see
what their portraits will look like on their own wall before they even order them!
No guesswork!


Here’s How! You’ll be glad you did!

Select the wall(s) you wish to consider for your portraits and clear them of pictures, if possible.

  1. Tape a piece of copy paper (8.5x11) to the center of your wall.
  2. Step back and take a picture of the wall, floor to ceiling, as straight on to the wall as possible.
  3. Email the file(s) with your name to us at this address: info@cindybaxterstudios.com

Preparing for Your Session

Plan to arrive about 15 minutes before your session.

No need to come dressed, we have an awesome dressing room. Curl hair before you arrive, but bring your curling iron to do last minute touch-ups, if necessary. Lightly colored nail polish is pretty, but dark bright colors or chipped nail polish should be removed prior to the session.

easter portrait art young girls

OK, I’m Interested!

What’s Next?


It’s so simple.

Call us at

We are available 10 am to 5 pm Monday through Friday.
Leave a message if we don’t answer, we may be in a portrait session.
We’ll call you back as soon as we are free.